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Born in SK, 🇨🇦. Now resides in AB, 🇨🇦.

4Neonfun was est. in 2012 as a user handle to host creative works online, which originally started as a hobby. Now, 4NeonFun became, quite literally, brand. I really like to create things, now I am embracing the work I previously created, evolving it and transforming my work into something much more than simply a hobby. 4NeonFun  banners and artwork others have used as visual accents.


We are all evolving; changing our methods and moments there comes a time that we may not even recognize ourselves.

 Let us think of that for a moment, so instead of doing nothing while fantasizing of trying something, we should find the healthiest way to live, have plenty of sleep, hydrated with lots of fiber. Transition towards your best version of yourself and sharing that to loved ones and lead by example.


Because far too many people know better yet choose worse.


I do not typically follow pack mentality, though I do like to be presented facts that translate to clear conclusions. Many brains are better than one when addressing life's mysteries, so plant yourself here 🌱 let's grow together.

We should be mindful of what things we take in for overall health strive to find solutions that standard medicine has never offered.


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I have several Social Media sites you can connect and follow, including the Café Molnar Facebook group.

Welcome to 4NeonFun, an escape from the industrious conformity of the outside world. The Internet can do many things for people, from finding relationships, to finding good deals on products that can potentially chance your life to simply being a place to post and share with others who have the same interests as yourself. You can even use the power of the Internet to create and share your story with the world. 

It's bigger than life
It's bigger than love
It's bigger than us
Bigger than all

I am strongly interested in Naturopathic Medicine and intend on opening up my very own practice as a step in addressing the crises that plague our health. I wish to enrich people's lives and make a positive and meaningful impact on the world we all share. 

I also value the environment for there is no other planets for us to live on, so we must make the best use of its resourses overall so that everyone can have equal opportunity with the resources available. I also think we should be mindful of the impacts that the material during the production process as well as how much it produces waste. To show my support, I became a member of the Young Greens Party as I have goals to help protect the environment. I would like a refreshing new means to address issues holistically before they become problems. 


They say the grass is greener on the other side in a nurturing environment.

What I stand for is what I stand for and so should you! Let's connect and grow together, as this is the only way to create exponential change! It all starts with a single decision. If the current way will not work then let's change our paths and through that there is always a way.

 ☕ Cheers! ~4NeonFun